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Willsmere Dental Achieves QIP Status

QIP Accredited Dentist in Kew

QIP Accredited Dentist KewThe Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) Accreditation process is an optional achievement that private dental practices can choose to become certified in on a case-by-case basis. QIP approval reflects a proven track record of premium patient care and high-quality standards set by the dentist and their team.

In public health, the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) protects patients through established standards for dental providers. But private practice dentists are held to separate standards. To create an equally recognisable status for offices like ours, the Australian Dental Association and QIP developed the voluntary QIP Accreditation process.

What Is a QIP Private Practice Dentist?

Becoming a QIP Accredited private practice means that our dentists, staff and facility have undergone a rigorous inspection process. From our standards of care to our normal operations, a QIP inspector and self-reporting process determine which private practices meet the high expectations being sought after.

QIP accreditation isn’t permanent. Our office is continually re-evaluated and re-inspected as needed, to maintain this elective registration status.

As your dental providers, we know that being a QIP certified practice allows you to feel confident knowing we provide the very best care possible. Compared to non-accredited practices in the area, it means we’ve gone above and beyond what we say and do. It’s our way of proving we stand behind our patients.

Helping You Choose the Best Dentist

Are you new to the area or searching for a dentist for the first time? If yes, we encourage you to ask your friends for recommendations and to find a provider with QIP accreditation. Knowing your provider is held to high standards, you can feel more confident about the future of your smile’s care!

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