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Willsmere Dental Accredited by QIP

Ensuring Quality Dentistry in Kew

QIP Accredited logoThe Australian Dental Association and Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) organisations established the Private Dental Practice Accreditation Program as a voluntary, exclusive organisation that private dental offices and dentists can participate in.

When a private dental practice achieves QIP accreditation, it shows they have proven high-quality controls, consistent safety records, incorporation of best patient care practices and a high consumer rating. Achieving a QIP approval for a private practice means that patients can feel confident knowing their oral health providers have an established track record for maintaining high standards of care.

QIP is compared to six other National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards, all of which apply to dental providers. However, QIP was established specifically for private dental practices and is separate from NSQHS.

When choosing a private dental care provider, the QIP and Private Dental Practice Accreditation process offers a sense of reassurance to patients and their families. Practices that elect to become accredited have a significant advantage over those non-accredited offices in the same area, by positioning themselves as having established and consistent standards when it comes to patient care.

What It Means for Our Patients

Willsmere Dental team holding awardBecoming QIP accredited requires going above and beyond providing usual dental care. We pursued accreditation to reassure our patients and their families that we put your best interests first. In addition to self-assessment, our practice was also evaluated by a QIP team to compare our practice’s standards against those established by the NSQHS. Our accreditation is continually monitored and assessed to retain our level of approval.

Don’t entrust your smile to just anyone. Selecting a QIP accredited private dental practice means you can feel confident knowing your health and safety are always placed first. Our industry’s high level of evaluations requires constant engagement from our team to maintain a healthy culture of quality patient care.

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