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Root Canal Treatment in Kew

Smiling young man in beanyProblem teeth are something we all deal with at least once in our lifetimes. Maybe you’ve had a cavity you’ve left untreated because life got busy. Or perhaps you have a tooth that suffered trauma from a hit to the mouth during sports in your youth. Sometimes, it’s as simple as biting down on a cracker the wrong way, and suddenly, your tooth cracks and an infection grows over time, compromising the tooth structure and causing you pain.

When you see the team at Willsmere Dental, they’ll be able to tell with X-rays whether your tooth shows signs of infection and if it’s a candidate for a root canal. If you can benefit from this type of care, it will help you keep your teeth—and your smile—while helping alleviate the pain you may be feeling from the infection.

Our (Pain-Free) Approach

The dental professionals at Willsmere Dental work to save teeth whenever they can, and encourage patients to keep their natural dentition for as long as they can. A root canal helps make this possible.

Therapy has come a long way in recent years. When you have a tooth with an infection, the treatment involves removing all the bacteria and decay in that tooth, and cleaning out the nerve systems with an electric instrument, which has an automated filing system, to ensure all the debris inside the tooth is removed, including the bacteria and infection.

What to Expect

After your initial consultation with our team, they will determine if a root canal is appropriate for your situation. If not, you will have all possible treatment options detailed to you. If a root canal is the way to move forward, you’ll have two separate appointments scheduled.

At your initial appointment, your dentist will focus on relieving your pain. The infected tooth will be cleaned out, and any infection present will be drained. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to counter the infection.

After the infection has cleared, you’ll have your second appointment. The tooth will be sealed off and blocked in the inside of the tooth from the body, so that everything can heal properly. The team will also gather information to create a custom-fitted dental crown. A crown helps protect the integrity of your natural tooth by fitting over it to offer better function. The dental crown will be crafted to match the rest of your smile in look and colour.

At your third appointment, we will place the custom crown. This usually takes place a few months after you begin the process, and everything has healed properly. After the crown has been placed, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly restored smile!

What Makes Us Unique

The team uses the N2 system for filling the tooth area during root canals, because it is the most reliable and evidence-based technique. Once the root canal is completed, the dentist will fill the canals with a particular cement. The team then waits about six weeks to three months to ensure the patient remains symptom free. If they do, the final crown appointment will then be made.

Bring Back Your Smile

The team at Willsmere Dental is dedicated to improving your oral health, and in the most pain-free way possible. If you’re experiencing throbbing, aches or pains in your mouth or gums, don’t delay your visit any longer.

You can trust our team of highly skilled dentists and dental professionals to ensure you’re kept comfortable from the beginning of your treatment to the end. Call us today to schedule an appointment.
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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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