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Teeth Whitening in Kew

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In-chair Teeth Whitening with Philips Zoom

A bright, sparkling smile is one of the best confidence boosters available. When your teeth are white, you will likely smile more, which can help you professionally and personally. At Willsmere Dental, we offer Philips Zoom teeth whitening which can turn tarnished teeth into bright ones. Teeth whitening can erase years of stain that can come from tobacco, red wine, coffee, tea and the ageing process.

Why Philips Zoom?

At our practice, we chose to feature Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed as it’s clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in just 45 minutes. This same-day in-chair whitening option is ideal if you’re short on time. Imagine being able to achieve a stunning white smile over your lunch break!

Here are some reasons why we prefer the Philips brand:

  • Advanced blue LED technology
    Philips blue LED technology accelerates the whitening process for instant results.
  • Everything you need in our kits
    You’ll get a syringe of Relief ACP to help manage any sensitivity (though 99% of individuals have little to no sensitivity with Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed). We also will provide you with Zoom take-home whitening maintenance, packaged in a stylish carrying case.

Take-home Whitening Trays

Would you like to brighten your smile from the comfort of home? Philips Zoom is the only professional take-home whitening system that contains ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate). While this unique formula whitens, it also provides enamel protection, reduces sensitivity and helps provide gleaming results.

After we make an impression of your teeth, we will make a set of customised trays that you wear for 90 minutes a day. In just two weeks, you’ll have dramatically brighter teeth. Touch up at any time.


Do I need a clean before whitening treatment?

It is helpful to remove plaque buildup if it’s been a while since you’ve seen us. This way, we can ensure that the entire tooth / teeth are whitened. Ideally, to maximise results, we would prefer to see a patient 2-3 weeks after a hygiene appointment for their whitening.

What does the treatment involve?

When you visit us for your appointment, we’ll start by applying a safety seal of gel around your gum line to protect them during the treatment. Then, we’ll use the Zoom system to apply a whitening gel which will be activated by blue light. You’ll relax comfortably for about 45 minutes as your teeth lighten.

Will I have increased sensitivity after the whitening?

It’s possible. Some patients notice this for the following few hours after a visit. It’s nothing that over-the-counter pain medication shouldn’t be able to take care of.

What is the aftercare?

After your visit, we recommend that you don’t consume any foods or drinks that are dark in colour for the first few days as the pores of your teeth remain open and susceptible to staining. You should continue to brush and floss your teeth as usual.

Who is an ideal candidate for teeth whitening?

People with yellow or brownish stained teeth often see incredible results from teeth whitening. If your teeth are gray or bluish, results may not be as noticeable. Teeth whitening will not lighten restorations, i.e. veneers, crowns or implants.

Should I expect any pain after my session?

Some patients report minor pain after a session that usually clears up in the following hours. The pain may be described as “sensitive” teeth or throbbing. You may also notice whitening of your gums, but they will return to normal soon. If pain or discomfort is lasting longer than one day, please let us know.

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Are you ready to smile with greater self-confidence? Take that first step towards achieving a gleaming white smile. Contact us today to book an appointment for teeth whitening Kew. We have Saturday appointments available. In-chair teeth whitening is performed by our Oral Health Therapist, Monica Ramzy.
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