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Dentures in Kew

older woman smilingWe’re your dentist in Kew at all stages of life, no matter what your age may be. Over the years, you may experience some form of damage to your teeth. Whether that is due to decay, trauma or other reasons isn’t for us to judge. It’s simply our aim to make sure that you can enjoy showing off a smile that you’re proud of.

One of the many treatments available at our family practice is dentures. You’ve likely heard about dentures as being a common form of tooth replacement. But the dentures available today are nothing like the old, uncomfortable, unnatural-looking ones that may have been common decades ago!

The Perfect Fit for Everyone

Patients may choose dentures for a variety of reasons. It’s common to lose teeth as you age. Young people may also need tooth replacements due to accidents, injuries, or severe damage.

We offer both full and partial removable dentures, without any implants. Full dentures are for people who have no teeth left in their mouth. They cover both the lower and upper arches in the mouth. A partial denture would be appropriate if there’s no possibility for a fixed replacement, or if you need a more affordable option.

Our dentists always give options before we proceed with treatment. For a young patient with healthy teeth, implants would likely be best, while a bridge can cover a gap if you have multiple teeth remaining. Other fixed options include crowns and cosmetic veneers.

Metal and Acrylic Options

For most patients, we recommend metal dentures, although acrylic ones can serve as a great temporary solution if you’re waiting for a procedure like implants.

Our metal dentures made of cobalt chrome are long-lasting and reliable. They’re made of natural-looking teeth and a hidden metal frame, with clasps that fit around your remaining teeth. This is the more comfortable option, since it’s thin and sits flush against your mouth. It’s also easier to clean, leading to better oral hygiene.

The acrylic denture is weaker than the metal one, so it needs to be replaced more often. It’s also thicker and takes up more space in your mouth.

Some patients choose acrylic dentures because they cost less. It’s important to keep in mind that the difference in price is more than made up for by the difference in comfort. We recommend metal dentures for anyone in need of a permanent fix so you aren’t left feeling like there’s a big plastic device in your mouth.

Recreating the Comfort of Natural Teeth

It takes about five or six appointments to fit you with either full or partial dentures. We’ll start with initial impressions before having you come back in for second impressions to ensure absolute accuracy. After that, a nearby lab will construct the metal base. You’ll then try out the metal base with a wax model to make sure it’s comfortable.

It’s important to check how your top and bottom teeth fit together so the final denture doesn’t leave you with a bite that feels unnatural.

For partial dentures, we keep the new teeth at the same level as the existing ones, while full dentures recreate the height of your original teeth, before aging caused them to become crushed or worn down.

If anything feels off, we’ll send the frame back to the lab and repeat the process, having you try on the wax model until it feels perfect. Once you’ve approved your wax model, we’ll have the lab finish creating the permanent denture so you can look forward to a whole new smile.


How long will it take to get used to wearing dentures?

If you have never worn dentures before, there may be a short adjustment period involved, which is to be expected. Once you’re used to them, you’ll find them comfortable and love that they give you the ability to smile with confidence. We’ll let you know what to expect at your appointment, but generally, you’ll be used to your dentures within a couple of weeks.

If you have any soreness from your dentures, you can use a saline rinse to promote healing and relieve discomfort. You’ll receive specific guidelines from us to follow.

Will you check the fit of my dentures?

Yes! We always do follow-ups for our patients that get dentures so we can examine the fit of your denture, how it sits on your gums and even the appearance of the denture. If any problems come up, be sure to call us and we’ll get you in straight away.

How do you take care of dentures?

Dentures are extremely easy to care for. At night, you can soak them in a denture cleaning solution while you sleep. You’ll be able to pop them right in the next day. We recommend you continue brushing your gums when you remove your dentures to keep them healthy.

Do dentures require adjustments?

Yes. Over time, the gum and bone tissue material in your jaw will shrink. Eventually, you may need to have your dentures relined. If needed, we can also fit you for a replacement.

Take That First Step Towards a Confident Smile

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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