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What Does Root Canal Treatment Entail?

Dental root canalIf you’ve been scheduled for a root canal, you may have questions and perhaps even a bit of apprehension or fear. Root canals can have a bad reputation, but they’re the best outcome for patients. Though you may have an infection that compromises the tooth, a root canal helps keep the structure of your tooth or teeth, preserving your natural smile.

You can’t do much about infection when it strikes your teeth, but you can keep that beautiful grin you’re known for by your friends and family by trusting us for your root canal.New Patients

What to Expect During Treatment

You’ll first have a consultation with a dentist from our highly trained team of dental professionals to determine if a root canal is appropriate for your situation. If not, you will have all possible treatment options detailed to you.

If a root canal is the way to move forward, you’ll have two separate appointments scheduled. At your first appointment, the dentist will focus on relieving your pain and cleaning out the tooth affected by infection. The infection will be drained, and you may be prescribed antibiotics to ensure that we treat the infection promptly.

After the infection has cleared, your second appointment will involve sealing off and blocking the inside of the tooth from the body, so that everything can heal properly. At this appointment, your dentist will also gather information to create a custom-fitted dental crown. A crown helps protect the integrity of your natural tooth by fitting over it to offer better function. The dental crown will be designed to match the rest of your smile in look and colour.

At your third appointment, the doctor will fit your custom crown into place. This typically takes place a few months after you begin the process, after everything has healed properly.

After the crown has been placed, you’re free to enjoy your new and improved beautiful smile!

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When you’re suffering from the pain of a cracked, infected or otherwise painful tooth, it can be intimidating to call the dentist if you aren’t sure what to expect. Our team at Willsmere Dental will go above and beyond to ensure you aren’t in pain, that you’re comfortable at each appointment, and that you leave feeling great about your smile.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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