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Willsmere Dental is a HCF Preferred Provider

HCF logoWillsmere Dental is a HCF preferred provider meaning as a HCF member you are entitled to a number of great benefits each year including:

  • Oral Examinations (Limit of 2 per person per year)
  • Intra Oral Periapical or Bitewing Radiographs (No annual limit)
  • Panoramic Radiograph (Limit of 3 in any 5 year period)
  • Scale and Clean (Limit of 2 per person per year)
  • Provision of Mouthguard – indirect (Limit of 2 per person per year)

Depending on your level of cover, you will get up to two, fully covered check-ups each year.

You may also be covered for two mouthguards each year (limits apply).

What else is covered by my HCF policy?

Additionally, you can access many other dental services provided by HCF’s insurance policies.

Please read the full details of HCF More for Teeth program or contact us for help!
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