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Fillers are here to Enhance your beauty!

25% Off Our Dermal Fillers With Dr Magdy!

We are excited to announce that the reputable Dr Magdy is now offering 25% off fillers for the month of February.

Matured woman smiling up
Fillers will always be a topic of discussion when discussing cosmetic enhancements, with personal preferences sitting either side of wanting the treatment or against it.

Nevertheless, we are continually seeing droves of Women and Men searching for ways to enhance and sustain their own beauty as an alternative to Invasive Cosmetic Surgery.

At Willsmere Dental, we are starting to see a rise in patients undertaking our treatments and with that knowledge, it is of utmost importance to our team that we know they are treated with an experienced hand!

What to Expect

  • Dr Madgy is a Senior Medical Practitioner in the Cosmetic Medical Field
  • He is offering 25% off our normal pricing
  • A personalised consultation and assessment
  • The latest scientific technology and medical-grade products

Who will benefit from this?

Those who may see prominent signs of aging and want to help restore volume. Also, those who are currently undergoing teeth whitening or dental veneer treatments who want to get the most out of their visit by offering the best frame to their smile!

Patients are left feeling years younger after their visits and we love knowing we helped them enhance what was already there!

If you would like to book your appointment, contact our friendly team!

We look forward to seeing you!

The team at Willsmere Dental

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