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Meet Dr Marina Atalla, (Dentist)

image place holderDr Marina Atalla was inspired to become a dentist by her own experiences as a patient. Having spent a lot of time in the dental chair, she deeply appreciated the care and comfort provided by her dentist. Driven by a desire to make others feel at ease in what can be an uncomfortable environment, she chose dentistry as her profession. Every day, she loves helping people just like you achieve their smile goals.

Dr Marina holds a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Honours) and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Her background in psychology allows her to understand the needs and concerns of her patients on a deeper level, ensuring they receive personalized care.

An Education in Dentistry

She pursued her education at the prestigious University of Melbourne, where she honed her skills and gained the knowledge necessary to provide excellent dental care.

Committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry, Dr Marina actively participates in professional development and continuing education courses. She has undergone training in various areas, including endodontics, administering nitrous oxide, same-day crowns, and, recently, Botox.

Fulfillment in Dentistry

For Dr Marina, the most fulfilling aspect of her profession is helping patients overcome their dental anxieties and regain confidence in their smiles. By creating a comfortable and supportive environment, she guides her patients towards optimal oral health while ensuring they feel empowered and at ease throughout the process.
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Life Outside of the Clinic

Outside of work, Dr Marina Atalla enjoys exploring new culinary experiences with her loved ones. Trying out new restaurants with family and friends allows her to unwind and indulge in quality time spent outside the dental practice.

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