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Are Dental Implants Possible With Bone Loss?

dental implant illustration When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are one of the most reliable and long-lasting solutions. But what happens when there is bone loss around a person’s jaw due to periodontal disease or injury? Are dental implants still an option? The answer may be yes, with some important considerations.

Handling Bone Loss in the Jaw

When it comes to bone loss, there are two procedures available that support dental implants—ridge augmentation and sinus lift. Ridge augmentation is a surgical procedure used to rebuild the damaged jawbone. It provides support for the damaged area to allow implant placement.

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that adds bone to the upper jaw, providing the height necessary for dental implants.

When it comes to choosing the right plan, our dentist will assess how much bone you have and where augmentation or grafting is necessary, before determining which procedure is right for your needs. It’s important to note that success of any implant depends on having enough bone in good condition. It’s essential to be honest with your dentist about any periodontal disease or trauma you may have experienced in the past.

Managing the Pain

For a simple implant, there’s usually very little to no pain associated with the whole process. Normally, we tell our patients that the extraction is usually the worst part of the procedure! We recommend taking some Panadol and Nurofen, within an hour after the procedure, and maybe a little bit more later that day. By the next day, there might not be a need for any painkillers at all, so pain management is pretty minimal.

If the case is more advanced, as with bone grafting, the dentist will prescribe some painkillers, and often antibiotics, as well. If the procedure is more invasive, we may prescribe Valium to relax the patient, and take the edge off, to make the procedure more pleasant.

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If you’ve been told bone grafting is necessary before receiving an implant, talk to our dentist about all your options. With the right care and treatment, you can get your smile back and feel confident again. Call us today!

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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